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Why MyBB?
I chose it because it is easy to handle and it is brand new and excellent performance and no manual installation is necessary.
Yeah I find it a pleasure to use, to be honest.

It's totally open, friendly, flexible, and has just enough included as standard so I don't need to be hunting around for plugins to do things that are logical! lol

MyBB rules Smile
while it is working fine in the localhost xampp server, in the real hosting, I find the browser cache not getting cleared until another forced refresh is made.

for example, if i login from a not logged in page, it shows my status as not logged in or guest only. then again if I refresh it is showing that I am logged in.

similarly for threads, is this a problem with hosting or browsers.

i dint find this problem in Opera; so, this must be browser problem and mybb needs to be updated.
Simply the fact of functionality with a very well orchastrated community, that has extended rapidly.

I like the feel of the adminstration panel reminds me of the formula to vbulletin with it's own original core.
The plugin system for Mybb seems far better than the file hacking modifications of phpbb. I also use word press that uses a similar plugin system and it's very user friendly.
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