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Welcome to MyBBAddons
Hello and welcome to MyBBAddons.

What is this board about?
This board is about addons for MyBB.

Addons like the download system, gallery and more.
All addons are here for promotion reasons, some are in use (downloads for example).

If you would like to have an addon from here or need another addon or plugin for MyBB contact me for a quote.

To see our tutorial section or post questions please register.

To download attachments or the plugins, addons and themes from our download area you have to be registered too.
You don't have to subscribe, we updated our payment methods.

Have fun

Forum Admin
this is an a really great idea boss Smile

good luck
Thank you Smile
Everybody - feel free to try the addons out I hosted here allready, you can easily upload images to the galleries, creating your own gallery or add songs to the lyrics addon.

Have fun Smile
Forum Admin
Wow nice! I suppose, as an "old" member, I'll have the privilege to download the attachments and plug ins once we get a lot of members? Wink
We'll see how the board developps with the time Wink
I just changed the payment method...

Have fun Smile
Forum Admin
Thank you, I'm working too much with relative paths in the last time lol...

Is fixed now.
Forum Admin
Thank you for warm welcome, you should write forum rules if you are planning to expand this forum board and have active users on it. Without rules the chaos comes Tongue.
Hehe, maybe you are right.

But at the moment everything seems to be fine so I don't think it's necessary.
Forum Admin
Hello everyone!
i am aami,.. I am new to the forum.
welcome to all here.,,, I know that forums are a good place to learn and interact with other people , so that People can share their experience with eachother.

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