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This is a thread about the blog addon for MyBB.
You can find a demo here:
Demo no longer available

This is a big addon, done by request.
Every user (or only Admins/Other usergroups if you want) can create entrys in this blog (not limited). He can use BB-Code (or HTML if you wish) to make his entry look more nice, to include images or anything else.
Every entry can be commented and rated by other members.
Entrys can be edited and deleted via admin and author.

Included features:
- Full MyBB integration with design + members (login, registration all via MyBB)
- BB-Code or HTML possible
- Easy administration via MyBB
- Unlimited blogentrys possible
- Comment feature - unlimited comments to each entry
- Rating feature - every member can rate every entry once.


Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome Smile

Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 1.13 MB / Downloads: 73)
Forum Admin
I just added youtube video support by request:

Have fun Smile
Forum Admin
I like the look of this pluggin, I hope to use it on my forum some day, thats why i'm going to make 30 posts here..
The sound is good.Smile
But there is't dance girl in video.Sad
I have some idea for blog.
-upload picture to entries, when i make entries
-use the mybb forum smiyle
-the blog entries link is in author profile

And I haven't permission that i see this picture in this thread.
LOL, you can of course add another video to the blog with dancing girls Tongue

About your ideas:
- Picture uploads are quite complicated and I saw at my boards that people do not often use attachments but they do use other hosters like instead and link to the images.
If you want this can be implemented of course.
- You can use all smilies you want, simply replace the images. I can also add more smilies, this is just a few minutes of work
- This can easily be done if you want to have it, I allready wrote a plugin for a similar addon.

Forum attachments should work for you now.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
This plugin is awesome
As for me this script isnt that good. It creates general blog related to your board, there is a better blog script as far as I remember. Members are able to add their own blogs.
This would be a different type of addon.
Nickman made such a system. This addon was done by request and it only features one blog, that's the point of it Smile
Forum Admin
Updated to WYSIWYG editing, please test it and tell me if you like it Smile
Forum Admin
where to dl?
???? this my mesage is too short?
Sad Sad just subscribe to have this install right away ....
but ....

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