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Merge with
As announced we merged with

The merge is NOT COMPLETED now - I only added a few themes so far. All others will follow as soon as possible but I wanted to reopen the forum.

Check our free theme section - I'll update it manually since we'll not use the old downlaod system of

The demoforum will be up as soon as possible too, just have to upgrade it to the final stage. You'll be able to check all of our forums, even premium forums, live there then.

Welcome to all Mybb-Themes/ members - I hope you feel comfortable here. If you have any questions or problems please ask.

Thank you and a nice day
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Hello everybody,
the merge is pretty much done now.

All MyBB 1.4.x themes have been ported in our free themes section, the supports and requests that are not outdated have been ported aswell.

I also updates, you can preview all old themes now. The demo site runs MyBB 1.4.9
I'll add all of the old themes there aswell when I have time.

A question to the community at this point: Shall I also port the 1.2.x themes, does anybody need them anymore?
I'd just skip them otherwise since we are facing 1.6 soon nd 1.4 is state of the art.

Hope everything is well, otherwise please mention it.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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