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Google's own programming language "Go"
Google created their own programming language called "Go".

It shall be as fast to compile as C or C++ but as efficient and easy like Python for example.

It shall also perfectly support multiple processor units.

And the best thing about it: It's open source!

Visit the official website to learn more:

Of course an attack against microsoft Wink

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter

Forum Admin
Nice find, I wasn't even aware this existed...

I wonder if they'll code their OS with this Smile
Hwy its really very nice post which you have mentioned here. Before it I never heared about Google's own language. I have heared about all of the languages but unaware for it. Now I came to know for it. And not I will search more about it on Google.
Well, a real problem I see is that there is no IDE for windows and Go yet that I am aware of.

I do use windows for all my work - only my web servers do use Cent OS (linux). However, even my home server here does have Windows Home Server installed.

So without a good IDE for Go on windows I see no future for it...
Forum Admin
I have read this all of the stuff and I just came to know more things about that. I just want to say that I was totally unknown from this that Google also has its own language. But after reading your this post I came to know about that and I also have searched lot on that and got really very nice information. I am that much glad after knowing that.
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For me Google is the best site on the web!
thanks for the post, I didn't know it existed either!

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