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1.6 Beta OUT NOW!
Ryan Gordon said [Image: external.png]here that:
Quote:We're planning on having a beta sometime in late December

Good news I think - I guess I'll have to update my plugins to 1.6 in christmas hollidays. Hope it is true and they'll stick to that time-frame.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Well, no beta in december but a preview of the new MyBB 1.6 features:

MyBB 1.6 does require Php 5.1 minimum by the way so make sure your host upgraded to this version. All people runnign XAMPP as local host should also check the Php versions.
Forum Admin
Seen this already. Looks interesting ;D Looks like I'll be doing some theme updates and possibly updating my custom profiles templates xP
Sneak Preview part 2 is here:

Delayed moderation looks good, more ACP security is welcome.
Groups as moderator is finally here which is definately a good thing.

The other stuff is okay but not really important, at least for me.
Forum Admin
Looks like the Beta will finally be out soon!

According to this link:
They have fixed 98% of the bugs and will need arround 15 hours to finish the other bugs.

I'm really waiting for the beta now, time to do the first real compatibility and stress testings Smile
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This looks sweet im waiting like crazy for this version. Security will be a must there are still a few security flaws with it, also the acp could be even better, but as you say , yes the bugs will be destroyed....
Great! I am looking very forward to upgrading to this.
Well, the most features are done and new features won't be added. Security looks good to me (I got the SVN some time ago) and performance is allright.

Now waiting for the bugfixes...
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1.6 Beta is out now!
Grab it from here:
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looks great!!
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