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i need some help
hell guys im new here but i need some help ./

I own a MyBB forum and after scanning him with acunetix for something like vulnerabilies i found that i have 13 open ports lol.
I feel unsafe with this open ports , Im not a hacker but i have hear that open ports will allow hackers to harm my website .

Can someone help me or teach me how to close this open ports ?

list or ports are :

You are not allowed to see code.

Errm, you need to keep most of these ports open - if you close for example 80/http nobody will be able to surf your site.

All of the listed open ports should be fine.
Forum Admin
you mean its ok that the ports are open ?

someone (my friend )had the same open ports and got defaced and set rm -rf/ at his forum so he deleted all stuff and 1023 members gone

please help me . I would like to tell that im in a paid unlimited hosting , will this help ?
You can contact your host for assistance but as far as I know you'll need these ports.

If your site does not send/recieve any emails you could close pop3 and smtp but I'd not recommend that.
Forum Admin
You are right I will contact host for assistance .

thx for the help/ now u can close this thread
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