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Please help.
I know im going to sound pretty stupid in all of this but i need HELP!
I have a justmybb forum and its called
[Image: external.png][Image: 72516480.png]
On this bar i wanna know how to add like a donations tab and a portal tab, also i wanted to know how to make the portal the home page of that.
And if anybody wants to give me some tips to make my forums better please do!
Add the following to your header template between the others:
You are not allowed to see code.

You can use a redirect via htaccess to have the portal loaded before the entire forum but I'm not sure if justmybb does allow that.
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thank you soo much! all is working fine now. And also i wanted to know how to make a page with nothing on it at all where i can add something. I have a private server for a game and i was going to add a webclient to it do you know how too do that? Thanks again
sorry and also why im here ive seen a justmybb forum with a custom picture next to the name.. like [picture] anybody know how to do that?
The picture is also called favicon, google for it.

A blank page is easy, there are plenty of tutorials on how to do it at

I don't know anything about web clients for online games, sorry.
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Thank you, ill go try those things right now.
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Now i am wondering how i add like posting levels and maybe like different staff possitions, I wanted to add like In-Game moderator and a webmaster and an owner. thank you for all your help so far
Use groups and second groups to do so Smile

You are welcome!
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ok well one of my friends thought it'd be funny to take my admin rights away.. it let him but not it won't let him give them back its saying you are not a super administrator.. any help?
You should be super administrator. You can set admin rights manually in your MySQL if you need to do that.
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Im just using the forums to edit everything and stuff
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