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Set user online
This is strange, did you modify your adminfunctions_templates.php?

I added some debugging stuff to the plugin file which could prevent your error maybe... please download this file, rename it to setuseronline.php and replace the old version with it, then install the plugin again:

.php   setuseronline2.php (Size: 4.09 KB / Downloads: 6)
For all other members: This is no update and you should not use this version, it is for debugging only. If the version in the first post works for you do not use this file. Thanks!

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Never modified adminfunctions_templates.php? all tho the debug fix works great = thanks lennart nice one mate
Glad it is working now Smile

My pleasure.
Forum Admin
How does one set the timeout position for each user, for a greater length of time? as theset user does not stay on that long, is there a setting i can add?
MyBB automatically cleans out old sessions by task, I think that is done every half of an hour. If you go in your ACP and set the task to run every 2 hours only users will be online for a longer period of time I think.
Forum Admin
Ok thanks lennart
I gonna try it out!
Does it work or not please acknowledge.
(04-07-2010, 11:53 AM)scarface Wrote: Ok thanks lennart

(05-29-2016, 07:05 PM)f7n Wrote: I gonna try it out!

I know that this post is too old but can you tell me that it worked or not?
This'll probably not work with the latest MyBB 1.8 but if somebody is interested I can update this plugin.
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