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pay per....
Hi & I hope this isn't taken the wrong way...but I was wondering if there was any way a payment plan could be setup per mod used. In the little over a year time I have been using MyBB I have paid for memberships to sites that I now actually don't even use the things I downloaded. Memberships might be great for some & it does let you test all they offer, but honestly after you look through all the sites it cost way too much to join them all when after months the same downloads are there. Just suppose there was a site setup that allowed you to pay for the mods or themes you wanted & maybe even setup where the author got a cut.......then you have something.

I just bring this up because I would love to have the hide mod you offer but I have watched the site for a while now as I do others & know I would be more inclined to pay per mod than to ever buy a year membership again esp. with 1.6 coming up.

just a thought

Well, pay-per-plugin is problematic because of the following reasons:
- takes more time to ship plugins
- it's difficult to set proper pricings for the plugins, I would not sell a plugin for less then 1€ but a subscription is 6€ only
- would be unfair for our subscribers
- would be hard to track sites that are allowed to use our plugins
- would cause more stealing / sharing
- would be difficult to handle requests and support questions - a subscription includes one year support for all plugins

I offered some specific plugins via Ebay, one (adsuite) is at the moment listed there, but it did not really work out.

I think a subscription is the best solution for everybody especially because it is not that much money - 6€ for one year - a lunch at McD people use to say.

The hide-suite would be charged at min. 2€, especially if you want to recieve support and updates.
Subscribers can easily request and download a new version, to a single buyer I'd have to send him the new version on every change via email. is looking forward to MyBB 1.6 and has allready updated more then 50% of the plugins and themes to MyBB 1.6 which will be published with the release of MyBB 1.6 final (if that is not before april 22nd).
Since I do use MyBB for all my forums and invested a lot of time and money into this site I won't stop it in close future.

I can guarantee for nothing however - I could be death tomorrow.

Thank you for your opinion, I hope you can understand mine aswell.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Thanks for the reply & I do understand the problems it would cause. I do see you are dedicated to the site & members & your right is not a lot of money, just a little jaded by some sites I joined when first started using MyBB & don't seem to add much. Will be giving this site a try soon. Do like what I've watched over the time since I registered & look forward to the new things..........thanks
Thank you very much for understanding my point of view and sorry that I can not offer a different solution.

All the best
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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