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Fatal Error
I managed to find the template files it uses, though out of interest how does the .htaccess file work?

Currently I have blocked the login template from loading and provided a link back to the index or to the other file to be auto logged in. It's all working fine, but I have one final issue.

With changing the login template, I now cannot login as admin. I did think to create a copy index file renamed as admin, however what links to the login templates is actually in one of the classes that the index uses!

Basically it's this part of the index.class.php:

You are not allowed to see php code.
I did think that maybe I could copy the original index.tpl.html file and rename it as index2.tpl.html, but then I have no idea how to make that load only for the registered admin.

Any ideas?

Oh and I do plan on making a tutorial for this once I have figured it all out!
I have figured it out!

The latest version of chat is now fully integrated, logs in automatically, and even logs me in automatically as the admin Smile

Took some figuring out but got there in the end.

Oh yes, and got it to work with the MyStore plugin as well..........though I am not impressed with the lack of support I got over there.

You on the other had Lennart - that you very much for helping as much as you could. It was appreciated.
Glad it worked out so nicely, if you feel that this could help others aswell it'd be nice to have it mentioned in the tutorial thread. Especially the admin-login was heavily missed by some people.

All the best
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
No idea what's funny here =/
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I upgraded to the latest version of the chat, and then in the mystore.php, on the line that was causing the issue I changed the "require" to "include" and it worked!
I have no idea what's going wrong then, the only thing I can think of is that there might be trouble with the chat being in a subfolder while mystore.php thinks it is in the main folder......

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