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Update to 1.4.12
I am sorry about the small downtime you had to experience today, the forum was closed for about half an hour while we updated MyBB to the latest version 1.4.12.

Everything is back online now and should work nicely, if you experience any problems or bugs I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks and best regards
Lennart Sauetr
Forum Admin
When I did a test upgrade I noticed I lost my theme, and had to import it from backup. Is this right or did I do something wrong. Just wanted to check before I did it on my live site.

Also, have you upgraded to 1.4.13 and did you notice any issues?
Our version number is displayed at the bottom, we do now run 1.4.13.
Update was smooth, without any problems.

If you lost the theme you might had problems with the upgrade script, try again.
Forum Admin

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