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Force signature textsize
Hey Lennart.

I am just refreshing my testsite, as I think it may have got clogged up with the various plugins etc that I have tested on it, so I have deleted it and created a new one with a copy from my live site.

Once my backups have completed I will test this again and let you know. Keep your fingers crossed!
Ok I tried this on my updated testsite and same issue. I can of course go in and alter the template for sigs, but that kinda defeats the object of this plugin, and doesn't stop members overriding it.

I did think perhaps that maybe this plugin was the problem:

Signature Settings Per Group (1.0)
Gives You The Possibility To Specify Signature Settings Per Group!
Created by LeX-

But I deactivated that and still the same issue.

So any ideas, or has anyone else tried this?
Just got an idea that could cause trouble, could you try to change your postbit style (classic / vertical) ?

The other plugin should not interact in any way.
Forum Admin
I just tried doing that and I can't seem to do it?

In AdminCP > Show Thread Options > Post Layout? I changed it to horizontal but when viewing my board it still shows as vertical.

Sigh - another legacy from the previous admin no doubt. Do you have idea where else I should check to see how he blocked out this option?
No, you can change your view in your User-CP -> Edit Options -> Thread View Options -> Display posts in classic mode [x]

Did anybody else test the plugin so far and can make any confirmation?
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I tied to change that and got the following error when viewing the thread:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting '}' in /home/vampirec/public_html/testsite/inc/functions_post.php(612) : eval()'d code on line 49
Hmm, maybe you should try on a fresh install, it seems that your system is buggy somewhere...
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Hi Lennart,

I've just noticed that this doesn't work in 1.6? Is there a way to update this - is it just comparability?
Plugins will be updated... please be patient until the new versions are out Smile
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