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I imagine what I am going to ask is quite difficult, but then you don't get without asking.

Basically on my forum (and I assume many others), abbreviations are used quite a lot such as:

WHFB = Warhammer Fantasy Battle

For new players this is quite confusing. So what I wanted was a plugin that if I enter the abbreviation and the word in the adminCP, then in any thread / post that is made, these abbreviations are highlighted, and on mouseover a popup / toolbit comes up with the full word / explanation.

So far I have not been able to find a plugin like this anywhere else, so I think it might be a good unique one for MybbAddons?
That is an awesome idea indeed...

I think it can be done quite easy, the only thing that gives me a headache is the ACP system, but I wanted to learn that anyway.

Will post here when plugin is ready or I got questions, thanks for the idea! WIP!
Forum Admin
Fantastic! Smile Look forward to seeing how this turns out.
Request filled Wink
Forum Admin
Superb Lennart - you're a genius as usual.
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