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Hey Lennart,

You are doing great work here and helping out, so I just wanted to check that you would be ok me providing a link to here on one of my link pages? I plan to set up a link page for "Recommended Sites" or something along those lines.

An example of one of my existing link pages is:

The new page would be very select, with only a few sites on that have impressed me, yours being one of them.

So I would need a banner, and also you can provide your own description if you like.

Oh, and if you was wondering why I posted a thread instead of PMing, I thought that others might want to do this for you as well on their sites, so would need the info as well.
Well, thank you DoN. In fact scarface contacted me via PM about the same topic one or two days ago Big Grin

Of course links to this site are always very welcome.

I should definately do some new banners soon, I got no real ones at the moment, just these: (Our header image, can be resized easily) (My own signature, animated, too big for most link pages, hard to resize and a bit outdated).

I just worked on your abbreviations plugin but maybe I have time for new banners tomorrow, the weekend or any other time...

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
thanks for sharing these nice and useful links,...
These are really great, good sharing
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