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Lock Thread Width
I don't know about others, but on mysite is is really annoying when the thread width is stretched off the page, either by pics that are too large, or someone forgetting to put a space etc.

It happens a lot with linked images, as people don't realise the size of the pic they are pulling through.

Is there anyway to create a plugin that would lock the thread with, downsizing pics if they are too large, and forcing the text to wrap if necessary?
No response on this one then Sad
It can be done but I won't take it anytime soon. I am at the moment focussing on a huge MyBB plugin that will take a lot of time.
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Ooh really - what type of plugin?

Is it a store maybe?
I do not speak about non-finished plugins usually, sorry.

We will see how it works out, but if I release it I'm sure you will like it Wink

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Hi Lennart,

Just wondering if anymore consideration has gone into this? For many forums with pics being posted via photobucket etc it could be useful?
Nothing new yet, won't take it anytime soon as I said...
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