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Looks like the MyBB Group has finally purchased, the redirects are leading to at the moment.

Congratulations MyBB Group and thanks to all donators! Smile
Forum Admin
this is actualy very good, cause even though i knew what it was, i never seemed able to type the address correctly and it made me anoyed, ^^ im glad now, dont need to go through google every time!
Really? Dammit I was going to donate this Friday when I got paid.

Well congrats to MyBB!
I think it is still possible to donate and donations are always welcome Smile
Forum Admin
i would donate, but i work a part time job right now. lol
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Great news, this is more now a stable unified accomplishment to the web. And of now a unique brand name, just like SMF or PHPBB. Nice work guys
this is actualy very good.
nice .Very good

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