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Is it possible to incorporate this type of program?
I thought I would ask someone who is infinitley wiser in the ways of MyBB than myself *cough*Lennart*cough* Big Grin

This type of program for example:

This is something that is really good, and something I know my site would love. The question is, is it too complicated to incorporate something like this, or is is feasible?
Well, there is always a major difference between web applications (usually written in or PHP like MyBB) and desktop apps.

To be honest, I'm lacking knowledge myself but I guess that you'd need to run this app on your web server and then connect the MySQL database somehow (which can certainly be done).
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Depends upon what the package is. Office for instance you only need to place the msp into the updates directory. More often you call the msp or mst in the install command such as /myfile.mst
It is a nice sharing.........

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