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This site here has a great future ahead, and to accomplish our goals, we must advertise, i propose a massive free ad campaign to help lennarts site grow faster. With more members we get support for more great addons.

Those who are with me to help establish this, please reply for further suggestions

MYBB Is the future for forum software, a great contender for developments against bigger forum software such as v bulletin.
Thank you for your ongoing support scarface Smile

I hope to get a wave of new users from my german site once both forums are updated to MyBB 1.6.
And of course I got some new plugins in my mind that will hopefully be released this wekend Wink
Forum Admin
As said before I will be adding a banner to here on my site. I am creating a recommend sites page that will contain a very few select sites that impress me. This site will be one of them.

So continue the great work Lennart, and thanks for everything you have done so far.

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