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Facebook Suite
which URL format do you use?

Could you for example post the URL of your profile?
Forum Admin
I find the like button in the user profile, buit it does not show up in the postbit, even after I added the code-snippet. Have I missed something?
Did you modify both, the postbit and the classic postbit (in case you do use the classic one)?
Forum Admin
Yes. Still not showing.
Could you send me the link to this forum via PM so I could look into that issue?
Forum Admin
(03-16-2012, 05:58 AM)Lennart Wrote: Could you send me the link to this forum via PM so I could look into that issue?

PM sent.
Congratulations, you found a bug inside the plugin Smile

I released an updated plugin version which should work now, simply replace the plugin file with the new one. Please tell me if Facebook is displayed in the profile then. Thank you!
Forum Admin
Eek! There are three facebook links in the profile page. One underneath the other.

All of the mybb code in the post bits is visible and none of the images display.

There are no buttons under the postbits anymore. Just a comma at the bottom left of each postbit.

There are three facebook share buttons at the bottom, left of each post page. One above the other. Needless to say, I've deactivated and uninstalled. You are welcome to check it out at your leisure.
I updated this to version 1.2.

Please follow the update instructions in the first post to update your plugin.

richdon03, if you have facebook's social plugins more then one time, it is because it is more then one time in the templates. Check the templates postbit, showthread and member_profile to find the doubled variables and delete them.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
It's working. Thanks for your help!

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