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Brainstorming - FaceBook Connect
Woooow- it's online!

Check it out:
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Plugin released Smile
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What happened to this plugin?
I noticed it isn't listed in the "Plugins" forum anymore. Also I tried the demo, and I got a Facebook error.

If I can remember, I think this was a real nice plugin that offered "one click" Facebook login/registration?
Greetings lennart this is something important, facebook is about the best scaffold to mybb for person to person communication. I would recommend perhaps a reconciliation where you can include companions asks for through the discussion, towards the facebook ask for pages. Likewise a full scaffold to facebook online records, so you can cross talk from board to facebook coordinate.

Much appreciated lennart you shake
Facebook Suite starting at now has [Image: external.png]international news today Facebook Connect certain? Besides, that works for each part, am I not stirred up?
Sorry LeotaGannon, I'm unsure if I understand your question.
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