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MyBB Chat
Is there a properly integrated chat plugin for MyBB? The ET chat is nice, but takes far too much messing around, plus when it updates you have to figure how to get the login system working again.

Having looked at the other plugin sites, I can’t seem a really good plugin. Ideally it would:

Use the MyBB usernames, and put users straight into chat.
Obviously use the existing themes.
Use the forums smilies
Admin / mods of the forum are admin / mods in there.
The ability to restrict access, for users to have to pay points to gain access (via the MyPS or Newpoints).

I know this would of course take a lot of time to code, but I think this would be a really great and unique addon?
No thoughts on this Lennart?
I did not reply yet because I amnot sure if I will take this and how I would do it.
It also depends on some other stuff that may or may not happen in close future.

But I did not forget the request although I'd be happy if any other plugin author would pick on it Smile
Forum Admin
Check this mod out:

You can get rid of some of the more useless features (like the bot) and you're sorted.
That mod is not bad....but it's a but plain and simple, especially when compared to the ET-chat.

Lennart - ok I understand, and if its a choice between this and the extra functions for the Newpoints shop, I would prefer the extra functions! Smile

However I still think having a fully functional chat room rather than an extended shoutbox would be an excellent exclusive plugin / addon.
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I agree with Disciple of Nagash. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I know some people think chat takes away from posting, but I have users who have asked me for it. It seems when a user knows other friends are on the site at the same time the user doesn't know what Thread their browsing. Using post to chat is hit and miss.

phpfreechat and Embedder are not working (MyBB 1.4.13, phpfreechat 1.3).
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hey guys i have seen this thing in mybb-vn...also features an english version....try this
i tried and worked...but u have to make a few template edits..a perfect box u r asking for...
[Image: external.png]extra file chatbox

how ever a chat room would be required to fulfill the request.....

also in mybb vn i have found a plugin like a fb chat......added to my site working perfectly....take a look at this too
[Image: external.png]fb chat

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