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Search Extension: Get threads without replies
Name: Search Extension: Get threads without replies
Description: This plugin is based on a [Image: external.png]request by DoN, greetings to him!
This plugin will add a new link to the search links at the top (View New Posts, View Today's Posts) which allows you to directly search for threads that did not get a reply yet.
It has a special feature, it will customise the link for all moderators so it will show the search results for forums they moderate only.
Settings for other groups are available.
If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, read DoN's request and maybe it becomes clearer. If not - post here and ask Wink
Demo: -
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: yes
Changes files: no
Adds templates: no
Changes templates: yes
Adds to database: no
Changes database: no

New link
Search results for moderator

1.0 first release
1.1 bugfix for member groups

1.0>1.1: Overwrite the plugin file, don't deactivate/reinstall

Download for subscribers:

.php   search_getthreads_without_reply.php (Size: 7.03 KB / Downloads: 16)
With downloading this plugin you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.
Forum Admin
Lennart – you are a bloody genius! This looks really good, once I get home from work I will give it a whirl xd I might need your help thought, as I have a custom menu in putting in the link.

For everyone else – basically I requested this plugin so it is easy to find any threads that have not been replied to. I have a rule on my forum that all mods should ensure that every post gets at least 1 reply, it makes members feel better (especially new ones), and encourages them to post more. It also helps discussion going.
Yeah.....bit of an issue for me Lennart - I thought my customer navigation bar might be an issue.

It installed ok, but the link to actually run the search which I think would have been created by:

You are not allowed to see php code.
that was never created, as that template has been heavily customised.

A sample from my menu is:

You are not allowed to see php code.
I assume I need to replace "action=getnew" with something on a new line, could you advise what though?

Also I was thinking if I did that, the search function would be viewable to everyone? Currently the mod and admin CP links do only show for the relevant groups and they appear in the navigation list as {$admincplink} etc. Would you be able to advise how to do similar with this?

I see, templates are still a hassle... I hope MyBB 2.0 will find a better solution for that Undecided

For your code I'd use something like that:
You are not allowed to see code.

If you want to keep the list you should open the plugin file and browse line 199, find:
You are not allowed to see code.
Change to:
You are not allowed to see code.
And same for line 207.

You can change the displayed text there too, it might be too long for your template otherwise.

Should work, otherwise please post here again Smile

EDIT: By the way, the plugin does use the MyBB cache so make sure it is enabled!
Forum Admin
only Mod can see this link.
I have try other setting (member etc), cannot see
You are right, I made an error with the name of a var.

Plugin was updated to version 1.1, please update your versions!

Thanks to FBI for reporting this bug.
Forum Admin
Wow thanks boss great plugin essentially by the sound of things, this will be a great asset to my board
Hi Lennart.

Downloaded the updated file, edited the rile as per above (the second entry was on line 210?)

Uploaded and amended by header template to:

You are not allowed to see code.

Unfortunately that didn't work. The menu disappeared and then right at the top of the page I got the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting '}' in /home/vampirec/public_html/testsite/global.php(326) : eval()'d code on line 17

Any ideas?
Does it work without the header modification?
Forum Admin
Hey Lennart - sorry for taking so long to reply, took a much needed break from upgrades Smile

Anyway I have tested this. I had to reinstall the plugin but the link worked which is good. However if possible I need some tweaks for it to work for me properly:

All my mods are set as Global / Super Moderators, but Forums & Posts section of the ACP they are allocated there for the area they look after. This is because they need to be able to move threads etc into their section and other things. Is there anyway that the automatic search can be set in this way? If they are not allocated to a section then they are truly Global Mods as should see all 0 posts.

Secondly I have a feed forum where it doesn't matter if threads get a reply in there, is there a way to exclude a forum based on the forum ID?

Finally and most importantly - how do I get it working with my custom header? Sad

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