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MyBC2 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats in Profiles
Name: MyBC2

Description: MyBC2 is a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Statistics Tracker for MyBB that shows a user's Battlefield bad Company 2 Statistics within their profile. Expect this plugin to be updated quite frequently, so keep checking back for updates...

Demo: None

Version: 1.0

Compatibility: * (All)

Adds templates: {$mybc2}

Changes templates:


[Image: 21114-1273173968-Forums%20-%20Profile%20...930293.png]


1) Choose which version of MyBC2 you wish to install - there is a different version for each of the three platforms (XBox 360, PS3 and PC). You can only have one version installed at a time at the moment (expect this to change) so you must choose which version you wish to use.
2) upload the contents of the folder of your platform choice to your MyBB Root (I've placed the plugin within the inc/plugin directory so you just need to upload the whole inc folder and you're done)
3) Activate via ACP
4) Modify the settings as required
5) Set the Field ID of the Gamertag/PSN ID/PC ID profile field if you've already got one. If you didn't have suchj a field before installing, leave the current value alone as a field is automatically created for you.
6) Set your PSN/ID/Gamertag/PC ID via the User CP
7) Enjoy!


Your server must have CURL enabled for this plugin to work!

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Pretty neat for all BF players, good job Smile

Thanks for posting!
Forum Admin
Cheers and no problem ^^

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