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Floating Side Bar
I've had this idea for some time and I thought I would see if my favourite plugins site could perhaps make it a reality.

Unlike my forum I notice that 90% of MyBB forums have the big spaces at either side, something that is begging to be used.

Now I know Labrocca as developed a side boxes plugin, which is ok but they remain in position so as you go down the page they disappear off the top.

What I was thinking is that it would be a fantastic mod if you could create a floating side bar, that permanently stays on the page as you scroll down the page. So even if you was viewing 100 posts per page, when you got the bottom whatever information was in that side bar was still possible.


Personally I would use it to put in my Nav bar in a vertical format. The other thing that could either be added into this request or seperate is a flashbox / shoutbox type thing. Basically it would be a little box that with be constantly refreshing and popping up with user relevant information such as:

New PMs
Buddies have come online
Forum Announcement made
New high score if you have a games section
If someone pokes you.

I do imagine this would be quite a big undertaking, but then if it was possible it would be really a superb addon / plugin.
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OK I looked into this, however Labrocca’s plugin is not what I am looking for unless it can be altered. I asked Labrocca who gave me a rather blunt no Sad

The main reason why it doesn’t work is that it does not display in the thread view, which for me is important. The idea is that is displays pretty much everywhere, so where ever you are, you always have the menu and other information on your left, rather than having to navigate or scroll to different areas.

Again this would be quite an important upgrade for me, so I would really appreciate is this could be done as a plugin, or instructions on how to do it (remembering I need dummy instructions Smile )

If necessary I would consider extra payment if plugin with the all features I want was developed.
You could set the vars inside the global header template instead of the index template, if Labrocca used global_start it willl work...
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Sorry Lennart - I am knowledgable enough about MyBB to know what to do. If you could write an idiots guide for me?

Even better if you could amend the plugin?
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Hi Lennart,

Could you advise on the above request. As I said I don't know enough to amend things myself so would really appreciate your help.

Well, there should be some sort of var inside your index template, could look like that:
You are not allowed to see code.
Put it not inside the index but inside the header template and it could work, it's worth a try I'd say...
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