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Release stop
I am making a full stop on releases.

There was a lot of discussion about paid plugin releases and that working together with GPL (MyBB is under GPL) at and for the moment I will wait for new information from the MyBB staff.
You can read my opinion about it here:

Until this is solved I will not release any plugin or theme.

Sorry guys. Downloads are still possible and license is still valid, sharing my plugins or themes is illegal!

Thanks for reading.
Forum Admin
Hi Lennart - I have just read through the thread and I am a little puzzled - am I right in thinking that the new possible licence MyBB are on about using would make it illegal to make paid plugins?

Could you explain it in layman's terms?
Some people do think, that if MyBB is under GPL must mean that all MyBB plugins are under GPL too.
I personally don't think so because the plugins do not use MyBB code and they do not include MyBB - they are included by MyBB instead.

If the plugins would have to be GPL that would mean everybody would get the right to share and resell them once he bought them and that would clearly be the end for sites like this one.
Forum Admin
Ok, well hopefully it will work out so you can still make plugins that cannot be resold.

In the meantime will you still be providing support for existing plugins?
I'll of course provide support for all existing plugins at the moment and the forum will stay open as long as possible, I do not plan to close it!
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I really hope this policy doesn't negatively impact the paid plugin community but in the event that you're not able to restrict people from posting the code elsewhere, you can still limit support and hopefully continue to make $ that way to keep the website operational.
Finally we got some informations about the plans of the MyBB Team.

They want to switch the license of MyBB to LGPL with the release of 1.6 Final.
However, I'll most likely not be allowed to post new threads about my plugin releases so you will have to check out for new plugin releases Wink

This does also mean that there will be new releases but probably not before 1.6 is released and MyBB is under LGPL.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
That’s great to hear Lennart Smile

So we can continue to look forward to getting great plugins & addons from you. Plus hopefully you will still be able to look into that personal request for the shop functions for me (hint hint Smile)

I don’t really browse the normal MyBB plugins anyway, the best ones I have found have been on paid sites such as this.
Wow missed a hell of a lot since i have been away, at least things are now more clearer...... Look forward for more sophisticated add ons from lennart - he rocks
So Lennart do you know how long we will have to wait until we can expect anymore plugins or mods?

I was hoping to get my shop up and running in the next month or so Sad
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