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Mobile Viewing
Another idea I had today!

Some other softwares and sites have different themes for when user browse their sites using mobile phones. Now I have no idea how it works, but I assume somehow it can be picked up you are using a phone, and a different theme (a smaller, easier to download one normally) is used.

If this could be done for forums that would be great. Some such as mine have more and more features added, which whilst are not an issue for when people are using computers, all time when people use their phones.

So would it be possible to create something like this?
Imad Jooma works/worked on this as far as I know, he called it MyMobile if I remember correctly.

I can't find his thread in the development section @ though...
Forum Admin
I found it here. Not going to be released until 1.6 though, which hopefully will be soon.

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