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Stop autoload when downloading

I was hoping someone could help with this issue. If you visit you can see my article section. However what I am finding is that when you click download (in any browser) instead of popping up with a box saying would you like to open or download, it autoloads in the browser. This is not something I necessarily want to happen, especially if the file is large.

Please can anyone advise how to amend the download link, so that it provides the option to download rather than autoloading?
If your downloadlinks are not forced it depends usually on your browser. Try a different browser and look for the results Smile

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Thats right it depend on your browser i am sure if you try in some other issue will be resolved, i had this problem but i solve it by switcing to frefox
Actually this was resolved by editing a line in the plugin.
Good Smile
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I agree it depend on browser you are using, try to use mozilla , it works best on my side
You can go setting menu and disable the window auto loading. You can close the pop-up window in your computer. close the service of that. If you have any other doubt you can ask us.

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