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lost my suscriber account
:S i lost the pass of my account rec_ylusyon

for security, can sendme the email for recovery my pass for pm on this account??
You should be able to resend yourself a password to your email account. The two accounts don't have anything in common, no IP, no email, no URLs... I won't send passwords to anybody who can not proove he has an account, sorry!
Forum Admin
aff, you only can give me the email of my account???

i lost my suscriber account 4 months ago and the email ( dont work more and i cant forgot my pass
The mail adress for this account would be omarfrancomail |at|

If you send me an email from there, I will reset the password.

If you have further questions maybe you'd like to send me a PM so we can discuss that in privacy to protect your data.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin

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