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Drupal registration plugin
I'll keep it in mind when I update the plugin again, thanks for the detailed posting!
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MyBB is a great BBS, Drupal is a great CMS. Working together these 2 great app is a great idea!
Any plans for Drupal 7.0?
I don't use Drupal myself so I'm not up-to-date with the development there.
In case that my plugin does no longer work with 7.0 you'll have to wait for an update but I can't promise anything in the next time. Sorry!
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I guess you are going to need to update it to 7.0 as I'm using v7.4.
waiting for an update
Does anybody have detailled information about the changes to the user management in drupal 7.x?
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Is the plugin compatible with drupal 7 yet?
If i don't want to give my cc number and have balance in paypal, can i pay using that?
I would definitely subscribe if the plugin supports drupal 7 and mybb 1.6
Drupal 6 is supported, not sure about Drupal 7 because I did not read the change log.

Please tell me if it iis not compatible and I'll update the plugin.
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