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Facebook connect - public beta online!
Forum Admin
I have joined Lennart! Though I can't yet change my username to Disciple of Nagash.

Everyone else should join and help out too!

Sooner we get this working, the sooner Lennart can hopefully start working on Gallery 1.6! Smile
Thank you DoN!

If the tests are working out I will release the plugin next week - and then gallery will be proiority number 1 of course Smile
Forum Admin
Registered via. Facebook as Alexander W. Poon (my real name).

Just a few comments about connection.

- Instead of taking me back to an index page after a first-time connection, why not send them to a registration page that can at least get them to enter in a username and password?
- Also, Logout doesn't seem to work, nor does the redirection page. It just says the "You've been logged in" page.

Other than that, I really appreciate what you've done.
Thank you for your feedback!

The logout bug is confirmed and I hope to solve this soon.

A registration page will follow soon too.
Forum Admin
The logout bug in the beta should be fixed now Smile
Forum Admin
Tested - bug fixed as far I as can see.
This is so awsome! Can't wait to use it on my site! Smile
Thank you vash!

Version 1.1 is now up up and running - I'd love you to test the new version Smile
Forum Admin
Everything seems solid, I've got my subscription ready for the release! Smile

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