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Green hosting
Hello everybody,
in these days green energy is a huge topic. For us as webmasters one thing we can do is to use green hosting, meaning that our servers are powered by renewable energy.

Do you care about green hosting?
[Image: external.png][Image: green_hosting.jpg]

I recently found out that facebook does not:
They are using coal instead of wind energy.

I personally do care a lot about the environment and do use green electricity from my provider for my own computer and TV at home and I also use grren hosting by HostGator for all my sites.

What do you think about this topic?
Forum Admin
Why not? Why should you invest so much in this "Chemical Energy" crap when there's an abundance of energy from physical means (Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric), or from a nuclear reaction (assuming you don't use U-235 like the US)?
Heh, I think that there should be some authority council or trade group for "green" businesses, there's so many of them now that some are scammers and don't really provide anything greener than comes as a standard.
There are many so-called green web hosts who don't run any environmentally friendly technologies at all, but instead buy RECs as a marketing tactics. Many of the RECs merely go toward helping such companies heighten their green portfolios, just to meet EPA or government guidelines. Customers must beware of such false green web hosting companies.

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