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FaceBook Connect plugin
(12-11-2012, 11:48 AM)azwan Wrote: Warning [2] session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/XXXX/public_html/admin/inc/class_page.php:131) - Line: 49 - File: inc/plugins/facebook.php PHP 5.3.15 (Linux)
File Line Function
[PHP] errorHandler->error
/inc/plugins/facebook.php 49 session_start
/inc/plugins/fbmain.php 18 Facebook->__construct
/admin/modules/config/plugins.php 477 require_once
/admin/index.php 497 require

I get the same error as above in the Admin CP, in the Plugins section, /admin/index.php?module=config-plugins

Facebook login doesn't work, again. No PHP error. I click "Login with Facebook" and get the same URL, plus some parameters, but I'm not logged in:

NOTE: this is with the 1.5 version of the plugin, which I've just paid for but doesn't work. I overwrote all the 5 .php files of the previous version.

Until this gets fixed, I have a suggestion: replace the avatar URLs with https://. This will enable forums that use SSL to have the full "green" secure icon in the browser. Right now, on threads that have FB users' profiles, the browser will warn that some items (that is, the avatars of those people, like are not secure.
Once I got facebook working correctly, MyBB opens another problem. Developing is fun for sure Sad

I released version 1.6 of this plugin which does move all facebook api files to a new location (fbconnect folder) which does prevent MyBB plugin site from executing them.
I also included dandv's suggestion with https for the avatars.

I updated the first post with update instructions to 1.6 and recommend everybody to upgrade the plugin to 1.6.

dandv: I tried to register at your forum using facebook but failed. I guess that the global action did not run, this might be caused by the plugin being not properly activated. Could you please upgrade to 1.6 and see if you have activated the plugin properly and if it works then?
If not please enable debugging and see if any error is thrown.

If not please drop me a PM or post here again. Thank you very much.
Forum Admin
Thank you Lennart for the quick fix. The problem in Admin CP is resolved.

I still can't login or register with Facebook though. I've enabled debugging in fbmain.php, but it looks like the code doesn't reach that point. This is all I could find suspicious in the PHP log:

You are not allowed to see code.
Could you please PM me your ACP details, there might be an issue with the settings. Do you run any special script for CSRF?
Forum Admin
The FB connect link appears on the right side and look awkward. Any suggestions for improving the look?
[Image: ubEdp5n.jpg]
You can modify the look inside your templates Smile
Forum Admin
With the february, march and april breaking changes at facebook, you need to make sure that Canvas Url and Secure Canvas Url are set in your plugin.

Point them to your forum folder and the plugin should still work perfectly.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Hello Lennart and happy new year all,

I just came back and noticed that my version 1.4 is not working. How can I upgrade directly from 1.4 to the latest 1.6? or do I have to go first to 1.5?

To upgrade from 1.4 to latest 1.6 simply upload all files from the 1.6 archive to your server. After that, delete the following files from the inc/plugins folder: base_facebook.php, facebook.php, fbmain.php.
You do not have to reinstall/reactivate the plugin.
Forum Admin
Nice work ~thanks´╝ü

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