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FaceBook Connect plugin
Hi Lennart,

I´m on 1.6 right now and I would like to point out that:

1.- In my 1.4 version I never had base_facebook.php on it so I didn´t delete that one because there is no file. The remaining two, facebook.php and fbmain.php, yes I did. As for the new version upload files, did all excluding the languages because I prefer the "Connect with FB" image instead of text. I compared both languages english files and I see no difference on it.

2.- In my Admin Plugin CP I don´t find any configuration about setting Canvas Url and Secure Canvas Url. I have them ready inside my FB APP configuration but nothing to be set in the plugin as you mentioned four posts before this one. Is something missing?

3.- [Procedure using my forum domain at ] Logged out and tried to log in with the Facebook button, but it doesn´t log me in instantly. Still as a guest, I browse some pages inside the forum and figured that it logs me in with facebook only if I am located in any thread. I´d like to have it for all pages.

4.- [Procedure using my FB app inside my Facebook Page at ] It does log me IN automatically giving me no option to browse as a guest. And the "Connected with Facebook" text only will show up after I browse any thread, if I don´t visit any thread the text "Connect" will be there even I´m already connected with FB. I do wonder what would happen if I log out from Facebook and try again and see what it does.

Maybe is a cookie issue with me but I don´t know what´s going on. I´ll let the plugin active so you can check it out and give me your inputs about it. You should find my board in spanish but you can switch it in english bottom right, thanks.


UPDATE: Did log out from facebook, in my domain took me to the FB login window asking for username and password, once I gave the info it took me back to my forum domain index page but still I´m logged out. While in my app fb page, I´m a guest.
Hello, Canvas and Secure Canvas URl have to be set at facebook, not inside your Mybb ACP!

It seems that everything is configured properly so far, you did the update correctly.

I just tried to register via facebook and I did not get properly redirected to misc.php but to forum index.
I have not been asked to fill in a username.

I think that might be the issue, are the URLs correctly pointing there? Do you have redirect-pages enabled?
Forum Admin
still not working for me

after click login .. go to index huhuhuhhuhuhuhu
Do you have friendly redirects enabled?

Is there any error message? Did you try to enable debugging?
Forum Admin
i had enable debugging....

but redirect enable what is ??? i do not see ???
Friendly redirects is a MyBB feature, it shows friendly redirect pages ("You are being redirected")...

Was there any output from the debugger?
Forum Admin
(03-02-2013, 11:11 PM)Lennart Wrote: Friendly redirects is a MyBB feature, it shows friendly redirect pages ("You are being redirected")...

Was there any output from the debugger?

i do not see redirect page..

p/s i just pm the link
does this work with 1.6.9 ?
(03-03-2013, 12:15 AM)azwan Wrote: p/s i just pm the link

Replied, please check! Smile

(03-08-2013, 03:18 PM)abhishek1711 Wrote: does this work with 1.6.9 ?

Yes, this works properly with MyBB 1.6.9.
Forum Admin
thanks you very much Shy

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