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FaceBook Connect plugin
My subscription number is S-09859592813166200

I'm trying to use this plugin on my site ( but it doesn't work.
Also, your test page doesn't work.

If I login to MyBB using name/password I can connect with Facebook, but if I want to Register/Login using Facebook, it doesn't work (nothing happens after I enter email/password for Facebook - I'm redirected back to but I'm not logged in or registered).

The App ID and App Secret are correct.
I've enabled debugging (removed // from line 31, fbconnect/fbmain.php) but no error log was created.

Maybe these links will help:
I saw that my beta forum does not work with facebook atm as SSL is down. Will be fixed as soon as possible.

The facebook plugin is not activated at your website as far as I saw, could not test it there yet.
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This looks as if it's exactly what I need/want. Great job!

Shame the demo forum doesn't work though.
Okay, there have been two issues involved.

Facebook seems no longer to accept shared SSL certificates. I did move the demo forum to a new site with private SSL. You can find the new demo forum here:

I updated all links to the new forum and enabled registrations via Google and Facebook there.

Second issue: Facebook does no longer use the "next" parameter but instead a "redirect_uri" parameter. I fixed this in the new version of this plugin.

I'll upload a new version of this plugin with a new feature right now.

Thank you for noting this bug gtopala!

Version 1.7 is online now. Please read the update instructions.
Version 1.7 contains one bugfix, the latest Facebook API and one new feature: Enable/disable saving the generated password to the database (dummy value). I recommend everybody to update his installation and check the settings.
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Error - user was not registered properly because e-mail is missing!

On the demo forum
Works fine for me. Did you give the app access to the facebook account?
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tnks Smile
Thx Rolleyes
thanks for this awsome plugin.............
thank you

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