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TuT: Changing MyBB Postbits
hello mybbaddons users i will be showing you how to change your post bits:

First Login to Admin CP at the left side your will see a bar called quick Quick Access
Click on template
[Image: 2f09f75.jpg]

Now choose the template you want to edit: i will choose noel:
[Image: 2195ker.jpg]

Find where it marks Post Bit Templates
click on Postbit
[Image: hx64h2.png]

Now then select the code your see and add this:
You are not allowed to see php code.
Then click Save and Return to Listing

Now go to a topic on your forums and it should look like this:
[Image: 24fbjmu.png]

Thanks for looking at my tut, for more support pm or contact me on hackers planet.
you can also edit this to your satisfaction

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