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BlackDream 1.4.6
My new theme

yar?m saatlik bir bo?lukta tema yapay?m dedim umar?m be?enirsiniz

[Image: blackm.jpg]

[Image: external.png]Download
Excellent Theme, But this error shows when I tried t download the file
You are not allowed to see code.
? now link control and workings
I go their of downloading link, But it is showing the exact errors that ghazal said
add Attached Smile
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Working perfect Smile
Thankyou sair
keep it up
ifi downloadnit says a .php file has downloaded
(05-29-2009, 10:58 PM)bharathbala2003 Wrote: ifi downloadnit says a .php file has downloaded

I just noticed the attachement, It is working fine
ok i got it.. but i should report there are lot of bugs.. most of the images are not there.. i had to manually use photoshop to create buttons like new thread.. PM.. etc.. i stopped it as i got really bugged.. i hope the author makes it proper.. if its me alone gettin it someone please re up their download which is properly tested..
Thanks for Reporting the Bug... Please [Image: external.png]Send Him A PM
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