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ATBHost - The Best Free Webhost with free TLD
ATBHost is the best free webhost

All Plans have:
Apache 2.2.11
PHP 5.2.9
MySQL 5.0.51a w/PHPmyAdmin
Frontpage Extensions
Traffic analyzer
Cpanel 11.24.4
Installatron Script Installer

Look at the image for the plans

Here is how to get a free TLD
Read here

You can sign up for their hosting on Sunday the 24, currently there is maintanance in the servers
New free webhosts are coming out from everywhere...

May I ask which connection you do provide (MB/Sec for each client)?

Do you have a support ticket system or live chat support?

Kind regards
Forum Admin
This looks like a good hosting deal.

I will give this a shot, shouldn't be too hard to get 20 posts in the bag.
Yes there is an iPanel ticketing system.

You can control your website with cPanel.
Yeap the site is not up and you can sign up
Register (for free) to hide the ads.
The post limitation is a bad idea within paid hosting, if you pay then nothing else should be required. Looks like the site is up again, maybe they had some temporary problems with it.

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