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Downloading stuff from MybbAddons - all you need to know
There are a lot of free plugins, mycodes, themes and addons (light versions) available for registered users at, more will be added.
Some free stuff might require a backlink in order to use it:

However we also provide some premium addons, plugins, mycodes, template edits and themes. In order to download these premium stuff you have to subscribe for 9 € (EUR) a year.
After that you'll be able to download all stuff directly from the forum.

The term addons means addons, plugins, themes and mycodes.

You are allowed to:
Install and use the addon in the given way on your forum.
Modify the code for your own needs on your own domains.
You may send me your modified version so it could be implemented in futher releases.

You are not allowed to:
Modify the addon for others.
Share / Reupload / Sell / Give away the addon.
Rebrand the addon.
Tell that you made this addon.
Transfer the addon with your forum if you sell it.
You may never remove or modify any copyright (visible or invisible).

For subscriber addons:
You are not allowed to install more then one copy of the addon for one subscription (one domain only).

I'll not be liable for any damage that the addons could cause.
The addon comes without warranty.

Payment methods:
You can pay via paypal or in germany via bank transfer.

If you can't however pay money for the subscription you might have a chance to pay with other things like posts (limited offer), exclusive themes, plugins and so on.
In this case please state clearly how you'll pay when you order your addon.

That's everything I think. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Do we have to pay for upgrades if we pay though them with posts
Depends on the updates you'd like to have. Smile
Forum Admin
Probably he ment general upgrades, if you will add new functions to the script or fix some possible bugs for example..
If you haven't purchased a light but a complete version you'll certainly get all updates for it, including security updates and new features if they are added.
This is included in the service.
Forum Admin

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