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Favourite Threads
This is a thread about the favourite threads addon for MyBB.
You can find a demo here:
Demo no longer available

This is a small addon.
Every user can add or remove his favourite threads to a list for a better overview.

Included features:
- Full MyBB integration with design + members (login, registration all via MyBB)
- Easy administration via MyBB
- Unlimited favourite threads possible
- Add and remove threads easily

Preview screenshots:
    List of favourites (including delete buttons)
    Add thread to favourites link (next to send thread)
    Adding a thread to the list is just so easy

Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 4.7 KB / Downloads: 41)

Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome Smile

Don't forget to [Image: external.png]add this thread to your favourites!
Forum Admin
Pretty nice and useful, however, it should be in user control panel instead of forum header. And the button "add to favourites" could be located near the "Post Reply" button or display options.
This would be of course possible, it only requires small template edits.
I just featured it in the header so everybody will find it easily Wink
Forum Admin
How is this different than subscribing to threads?
Not really different but there was the wish to have another thing so I just quickly wrote it by request...
Forum Admin
I can't find the plugin download link

Download link will be added for all addons soon...
Forum Admin
(06-25-2009, 04:19 AM)Lennart Wrote: Download link will be added for all addons soon...

Ah...! Thanks.. I thought that I didnot see the links for download.

Download added in the meantime.

This addon has a complete auto installation using the plugin that comes with it.
Forum Admin
DonĀ“t work correct Sad

if i add a favorit, i cannot see the favorit in this list: //yourdomain/mybbdirectory/addons/favourites

after i add a secound favorit, it shows only the new favorit and the old is deleted.

help please


i found the problem

the table "favourites" was not created Smile

Now it works perfect^^

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