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MybbAddons downtime
As you might have noticed, was not online for two days now.
I'm sorry for the downtime you experienced.

Reason for our downtime is the merge with
I recently bought the domain and the forum including all users, plugins and so on.

I merged it with now but I found it necessary to overwork almost everything before taking it over:
- The plugins to solve bugs and sort out errors they had and to improve stability
- The sections (We'll continue with MybbAddons sections and only few sections)
- All users (Auto signature and avatar deleted)
- Postings with links and unrelated stuff

Subscribers and buyers:
People who had a subscription at and want to continue their subscription here should write me a PM for futher discussion.

Anybody who purchased addons from so far and now wants to subscribe should contact me too, he has to pay a smaller fee.
Example: You bought an addon for 3 € - for subscription you'll only have to pay 3$ now.

I think this merge is an improvement for everybody:
You'll get more with a smaller fee, you'll get more and better stuff in just one place and you'll probably find more people arround here too.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter

PS: I'll add more content, especially the missing content from soon.
Forum Admin
Congratulations Lennart Smile

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