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Premium Attachments
thank you.. sir.. yet i havent modify it .. Big Grin too lazy for now.. lol
This is definetly a plugin that I will use as an extra security measure and the feature that allows us to choose which extensions don't follow the rule is awesome!
Thanks lennart Smile
You are welcome Pirata Nervo!
I just recommended it to you in the introduction... gotta edit my post Tongue
Forum Admin
hehe, seriously I always wanted a plugin for this Tongue
thanks again
is there any plug inc where user group download can set a limit, like if i set register user group can download 50mb file per day and if 50 mb download done he/she will have to wait for 24hour for more download Smile
I don't think this plugin does allready exist but I'm sure it could be made.

You could post a thread in the request section (I always check this section - requests in other sections could get lost) and I'll look into it when I have some time.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
As per my knowledge The attachments plugin is working fine except when a user selects the file to be attached - the attached file name doesn't show in the box. I have no more idea about this.

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