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Wanted MyCode
Name: Wanted MyCode
Description: The Wanted MyCode puts a Wanted Image in the topics of your mybb forums...
Demo: -
Version: 1.0

Regular Expression:


Download for subscribers:

.zip (Size: 52.42 KB / Downloads: 20) Image

.txt   Wanted MyCode.txt (Size: 519 bytes / Downloads: 22) MyCode
With downloading this mycode you agree with the [Image: external.png]license rules.
Forum Admin
Hm, I can manage to make my own MyCodes, so I'm not going to subscribe to use this. But I was wondering if it was wrong if I created my own MyCode using this idea?

Edit: I noticed this hasn't had any subscription downloads, so perhaps it should be moved to the free downloads.
You can create your own, similar mycode if you do not use this one as a base.

Just to clearify: You do not subscribe for one single mycode but for all mycodes, themes, template edits, addons and plugins.

This mycode will stay a premium download. I'll add more to our premium section and less to the free section in the next time. Other paid systes like MybbCentral do have no single free plugin.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Thank you lennart.
By based off of this, you mean not copying the code right? Because I wouldn't be able to, I'm not a subscribed member, so I wouldn't be able to view the code anyways.

Anyways, I'll probably add some codes for your users to use later today or tomorrow.

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