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Preferred Forum Software
What is your preferred forum software?

I understand there are a number of decent small forums and this thread is open to discuss those however within the poll there are only the big and most popular and most widely used forum software's.

Discuss, debate and general banter about your forum of choice.
Before Mybb.. I use Php-fusion to create forum.. But i think the php-fusion is not suitable for me.
Probably mybb.
Yup.. i'm happy now using mybb.. Big Grin
(03-05-2009, 02:21 AM)TehDevil Wrote: Probably mybb.

I thought you preferred vBulletin or has MyBB grew on you? I've fell in love with MyBB tbh.
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I did but ive used mybb a lot so yeah.

I do find vb easier to use though.
but VB costly, mybb is free. Big Grin
(03-06-2009, 03:00 AM)gamemaster Wrote: but VB costly, mybb is free. Big Grin

Yeah, and I think that MyBB is just as good IMO.
mybb :good:
MyBB FTW, IMO MyBB has what vB has and more.
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