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What languages do you know?
I know HTML, CSS and very little PHP and C++ but I would like to learn them both during the summer
HTML, CSS, Php, MySQL (if you can call that a language), some Javascript...

Going to learn C# next year.
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HTML & very little php.... I want to learn PHP, but dont have much time for this
HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, C++ , Cobol, DHTML, and some ASP.
i know html, php (only a bit) and visual basic
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I know HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++, VB, JavaScript, MySQL (like lennart said, if you can call that a language Tongue) and can't remember of anything else I know
I know some HTML and CSS. Want to learn PHP and JavaScript.
Well I know C, C++, ASP. Net. All of them for the website development I like ASP. Net. I don't know PHP. But now I plan to learn PHP. Because I have heared a lot about it. And I am also much interested to know it.
Hello Joneswilliamsc,
if you do know C and C++ you'll probably find int Php very quick as they have a lot of similarities Smile

Have fun learning Php, good luck!
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I know ASP. Net as well as C++, C#. I also having the some basic knowledge of PHP ans HTML but I have never try that languages.
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