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Why'd you create your forum?
Why did you create your forum? As a hobby, or are you passionate for the subject?

this my forum

i create this forum for graphic designer,photographer and all related art work

now, I'm planning for hiring someone to create new page in my mybb for freelance classified
Passionat for the subject

I think no one will make a forum just as a HOBBY
I do it as a hobby. I am just passionate about forums Big Grin
Nice Question!!!
I create my account in forum.because i want to do different. that's why i create account in forum.
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i creat the forum as aa business ........I want to generate traffic through the forums .
I create forum because I want to know many information about my different problems. I also want to know the opinion of other people. It is easy to get answer of any question from forum. From these reasons I would create forum.

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