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Community Rules & Guidelines
#1 requires you to follow the below rules whilst posting and using our service and posting at the forums.

Posting Rules

Post in the appropriate forum! - If you don't know where to post something, PM a moderator and they will tell you where to post it.

No Spamming - This is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. We are trying to run a professional forum, and any SPAM messages will be deleted on sight.

No Advertising - The only form of advertising allowed is inside your signature or in the Showcase forum. Any others will be deleted on sight.

No Flaming - These are insults toward another member. We will not tolerate this and you will be promptly warned to stop. You will receive a maximum of three warnings, and if you continue, you will receive a ban. The worse the offense, the worse the ban. It is possible to be IP Banned in extreme cases.

No Bumping - Bumping of threads older than a month without probable cause will result in warnings. Deletion of posts will happen if there are cases of repetitive or failing to stop after warning(s).

No Typing in all Caps - Typing in all caps makes you look like your yelling and looks childish. You will receive warning(s) if it becomes repetitive.

Signature and Avatar Rules

Images - You are only allowed two images with total maximum dimensions of 468 x 100 pixels.

Signatures with images are allowed a maximum of 3 text lines along with the image. Exceptions can be made for smaller images.

If your signature is text only, you are allowed a maximum of 5 lines, in the normal font size. 10 lines for small font size. We do not allow font sizes larger then our normal font size.

We only allow avatars that are up to 100 x 100 pixels and 10kb.

We do not allow images that are in .php file extensions. This does not include Forum Statistic images and Image Rotation Scripts, so long as they adhere to the Image Size Limits.

Text may not be larger than the large text size.

Links inside the signature are not allowed for non-subscribers to prevent spamming.


The staff of this site reserve the right to modify these rules without notice.

MyBBDesign Staff
Rules updated - because of recent spamming activities I decided to forbid links inside signatures for all non subscribers. Sorry!
Forum Admin

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