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Blue ranks and Clean rounded ranks
Well I thought I would release these two rank sets that I made.

The first ones I made from a request on the MyBB Community forums, I thought it would be fun, and it was ^_^

So here is the first set.

[Image: rank_admin.gif]

[Image: rank_banned.gif]

[Image: rank_coder.gif]

[Image: rank_designer.gif]

[Image: rank_mod.gif]

[Image: rank_phpsqlguru.gif]

Search Engine
[Image: rank_search.gif]

Super Moderator
[Image: rank_smod.gif]

[Image: rank_sponsor.gif]

[Image: rank_support.gif]

Im thinking of editing the PHP/MySQL Guru because I think its too light...
There is a PSD with this, and I also attached the Famfamfam 'Silk' Icon pack, because I used the icons from that.

But anyways, hope you like that one.
Here is the other set.

This one I just made out of randomness, and I had to look at the ranks on here to get an idea on how to do what I was trying to do.
I think they came out pretty good =D

Rank 0
[Image: blue_clear_0.png]

Rank 1
[Image: blue_clear_1.png]

Rank 2
[Image: blue_clear_2.png]

Rank 3
[Image: blue_clear_3.png]

Rank 4
[Image: blue_clear_4.png]

Rank 5
[Image: blue_clear_5.png]

Rank 0 Banned
[Image: blue_clear_0_banned.png]

Rank 4 Moderator
[Image: blue_clear_4_mod.png]

Rank 4 Super Mod
[Image: blue_clear_4_smod.png]

Rank 5 Admin
[Image: blue_clear_5_admin.png]

I might make some more of those ones soon, but for now thats all I got.
I also included a PSD for this set ;]
Enjoy =D

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 46.88 KB / Downloads: 131)
.zip (Size: 23.74 KB / Downloads: 90)
Wow they look great, nice work.

+ repage
Added three new ranks to the Blue set.
Very nice, cool job. Custom ones for MyBBDesign ftw! Tongue
You still have the .PSD to make it in french ?
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The .PSD is included in the download Wink
Uhhmm for the rounded rank it don't ...
There should be a folder called 'PSD'
If not I dont know what to do, I cant edit the post so I wont be able to upload it again =/
Just create a new post and attach it and i will add it to your first post for you. Smile
That would be nice for me Wink because ive got french forum Tongue so i want to translate ..
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