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We are complete - Welcome everyone!
Allright, we are complete now Big Grin

Welcome to all new members of and, I hope you'll enjoy your stay at

I ported all users (I hope so!) and a lot of the old threads and posts to now, I think you should find what you posted and it should be possible to keep track with updates.

I'm still busy with adding the downloads, I'll however not port all from (some are broken, some just stupid, sorry).
I'll also port the most themes from

Everything should be available here soon, aswell as updates of my addons (galleries download link added today), if you miss anything feel free to PM me.

So I'd just ask everybody to welcome each other - have a nice stay here and hopefully you'll find the MyBB stuff you are searching for.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Forum Admin
Good to see you are finally up and running. Enjoy my themes and good luck with your website.

Best of Luck with my community, themes, plugins and mycodes

Ultimate regards Lennart..!

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