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Poke plugin

I've installed it and it works but there are some bugs I found.

- When I poked someone, they received 3 poke notification instead of just one. I tried this multiple times and the same thing occurred. However, upon deleting one of the pokes, the other 2 were deleted as well.

- When it said the user's name, it had it like user-number.html in the hyperlink which does not display on my board as I'm not using MyBB's default SEO feature. So for instance John (user-2.html instead of the regular profile url) poked you!
First "bug":
Go into your index template of your theme, you do have three entries for {$knuddel} there.
Delete two of them.
I think this occured when you deactivated the plugin two times, sometimes the vars aren't deleted in the template if you do use a custom theme.

Second bug:
You are right, please download the plugin version 2.2 which fixes this issue.
Simply overwrite the file with the new one, you don't need to deactivate / uninstall the plugin.
Thank you for your bug report!
Forum Admin
e/globalvi/public_html/mysiteaddress/inc/adminfunctions_templates.php:22) in /home/......../inc/adminfunctions_templates.php on line 74

same error and getting this on most addons that i try to activate... how can i prevent this for the future?
Sorry, what error do you get?
Forum Admin
THE ONE ABOVE BOSS - same error - always lol

could be a duplicate line
The one above is no error, it's just a folder...
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(04-16-2010, 11:14 PM)Lennart Wrote: The one above is no error, it's just a folder...

/public_html/mysiteaddress/inc/adminfunctions_templates.php:22) in /home/......../inc/adminfunctions_templates.php on line 74

I get that all the time now whilst activating a plugin
There is no error in here, it seems to me that half of the message is missing.

Please post the complete message, I can not help you otherwise.
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I did that for security reasons lol i pm u

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